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Welcome to Monochrome Tattoo Studio Bali, where we blend tattoo artistry, piercing, and music to create an unparalleled experience. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Bali, our studio is a sanctuary for those seeking high-quality tattoos, professional piercings, and an artistic atmosphere infused with the rhythm of music.

Founded by a collective of passionate tattoo artists, Monochrome Tattoo Studio Bali emerged from a shared love for the art of tattooing and a steadfast commitment to excellence. Each member of our team brings their unique style and expertise, fostering a diverse and dynamic environment where creativity, art, and music flourish together.

At Monochrome, we believe that tattoos are more than just body art; they are a form of self-expression that harmonizes with the soul. Our studio not only provides top-tier tattoo and piercing services but also embraces the artistic spirit through curated musical experiences that inspire both our artists and clients.

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Tattoo Styles


Microrealism tattoos are small yet highly detailed, often portraying lifelike portraits or objects with extraordinary precision.


Geometric tattoos feature exact shapes and patterns, frequently symmetrical and visually captivating.

Fine Line

Fine line tattoos use delicate, thin lines to create intricate designs and refined details.

Black Work

Black work tattoos utilize only black ink to create striking contrasts and complex designs.


Ornament tattoos draw inspiration from decorative arts, showcasing elaborate swirls and intricate motifs.


Japanese tattoos are inspired by traditional Japanese art and mythology, often depicting iconic elements like dragons and cherry blossoms.


Abstract tattoos employ bold lines and vibrant colors to convey emotions or personal meanings without representing specific forms.


Traditional tattoos are characterized by bold, colorful designs featuring classic symbols like anchors, roses, and swallows, rooted in American tattooing traditions.

Why Should Us ?

Personalized Experience

Personalized Experience

We offer a journey of personal expression and narrative. Our artists engage with you to create unique tattoos, prioritizing your well-being with comprehensive aftercare support.

Commitment to Excellence

Commitment to Excellence

Our skilled artists excel in various tattoo styles, using only premium-grade materials to ensure the highest quality standards. We continually refine our techniques to stay ahead.

International Hygiene Standards

International Hygiene Standards

We uphold the highest standards of hygiene and sterility, ensuring a clean and safe environment for every visit. Your trust is earned through our meticulous attention to cleanliness.

What They Say ?

Review Testi

“Best service and aftercare here! love my tat result Services Tattoo design”

Tammy S

Our Client
Review Testi

“great work & beautiful studio, definately will come back again! cheers Services Full body tattoos”

Mankjay Dananjaya

Our Client
Review Testi

“The studio have a Good vibes to make the tattoos , all the staff was amazing will tell my friends to make some tattoos here !”

Indra Cahaya

Our Client
Review Testi

“The service was amazing from the beginning on The employees were super friendly and helpful concerning the size and placement. The tattooing itself was hygienic, fast and professional. Overall I am very satisfied and would recommend Monochrome tattoo studio”

Ananda So Nurghia

Our Client
Review Testi

“Definitely best studio to do piercing! The staff was very friendly and helpful”


Our Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to common questions about booking sessions, pricing, included services, promotions, and more at Monochrome Tattoo Studio Bali.

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To schedule a tattoo session, contact us through Instagram or WhatsApp. You can also visit our studio directly, and our team will be delighted to assist you with any questions.

Yes, we require a minimal deposit of 20% to secure your booking. This deposit ensures your slot and will be deducted from the final price of your tattoo.

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